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Perdue’s Grill — November 6, 2016

After a couple breakfasts and a dinner Ride to Eat, I figured it probably was time for a new lunch adventure. So, I did a little research and soon discovered our next destination: Perdue’s Grill in Tremont.

Located inside a historic building — the Columbia Opera House, according to their website — Perdue’s is split into two sections: the dining room and the bar.

Our ride had started quite early that Sunday, as we had leaves to deal with that afternoon. Of course, that meant we arrived in Tremont much sooner than we had originally planned, around 11:15. We took two seats at the bar and slowly began to realize that we were the only people in the room. Why was EVERYONE else in the dining area? Continue reading

Psycho Silo — August 7, 2016

If you read my last post, you already know I found my next topic on the way home that day. A quick stop at the Psycho Silo for a drink and some live music led to a return trip the following week.

It was going to be a perfect day to ride, and I was not willing to take the direct route there. So while we were hanging out on Saturday night, he suggested I lay out our plan. After staring at our large-print road atlas (if you don’t have one, I highly suggest making it your next purchase) for way longer than a normal person, I had it all mapped out.

Grandview Drive

A quick smile for the camera along Grandview Drive in Peoria Heights, Ill.

The morning was beautiful, with bright blue sky and low winds. Our first destination was Grandview Drive for a quick photo op. We needed more photos for next year’s calendar (bike themed, of course). It was early enough we could grab some great shots before the crowds arrived around lunchtime.

Continue reading

Christmas Day 2014

Well, the holidays are in the home stretch, and it’s been a great time so far! Christmas Day was especially memorable this year as the lack of snow and relatively decent temperature made it possible to get some wind. That’s right — Wally and I geared up and took a short ride in the heart of the day.

It all started 10 days earlier on a beautiful 50-plus degree Sunday in December. We, like most local riders, felt more than an urge to ride … it was an obligation, a duty to enjoy the nearly perfect, nearly winter day. About 10 minutes into the ride, I suggested that we listen to Christmas music since it was such a rare opportunity to do so. Next thing I knew, we were pulling over and switching genres to “Holiday.” That ride was so much fun; it actually felt like Christmas for the first time all year. (Look for more on that lunch destination in a future post.) So, we decided to try it again if the weather cooperated. Continue reading

Midway Duck Inn — May 31, 2014

The weekend after our Galena adventure, we wanted to ride but didn’t require anything too long as we needed to get some work done around the house and yard. Wally suggested we try a place for dinner that we had driven by a lot last summer and he remembers stopping at once when he was a kid — the Midway Duck in on IL 26 between Lacon and Spring Bay.

To make the ride interesting, we thought we’d weave our way north through the countryside toward Lacon. Starting on IL 40, we shortly turned west onto Truitt Road, which cuts across to Chillicothe; however, we only stayed on it for a few miles, until we hit N Krause Road, which connects to the historic Galena Trail and Coach Road route.

Now, we’d taken the Galena Trail and Coach Road (officially Blue Ridge Road/Co Hwy 16) a few times, so we were a bit more familiar with it than most back county roads. You wind your way up and down hills and around curves through wonderfully serene country views you can’t believe are right outside Peoria. Eventually, you find Blue Ridge, which is a tiny town with a few houses and a church. Just past that is the first stop on our tour — the stump carver right before the turn onto La Prairie Road. Continue reading