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Victoria’s Country Diner — September 26, 2016

What do you do when your husband’s company picnic is scheduled for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon? Ride for breakfast and then to the party, of course!

At least, that’s what we did when that exact situation presented itself a few weeks ago. The picnic — at Sommer Park just outside Peoria — was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m., giving us plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely Ride to Eat before making our appearance.

We decided to try Victoria’s Country Diner in Lacon. The reviews were excellent, and the location was just far enough from home for some quality wind time. Plus, the husband felt that since the water tower had been altered to say, “Bacon,” we “just had to” eat there — can’t argue with that logic!

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Cold, But So Worth It — December 14, 2014

Rewind to 10 days before Christmas (especially if you read my holiday post). It was Sunday, December 14, and it was 52 degrees outside. In Illinois! We both not only wanted to ride … we needed to ride. So, we geared up — me in no less than five layers — and headed out, much to the chagrin of our two dogs who were becoming a little too accustomed to our being home on Sundays.

Now, it was 52 degrees outside; however, you should know I tend to wear sweaters when it’s 70, so it was no small feat for Wally to get me out in the middle of December. One big advantage he had was that it was in the low 50s for much of our summer vacation around Lake Michigan in August (watch for many posts on that ride to come), which means I had learned to deal with it more than in the past. Continue reading

Christmas Day 2014

Well, the holidays are in the home stretch, and it’s been a great time so far! Christmas Day was especially memorable this year as the lack of snow and relatively decent temperature made it possible to get some wind. That’s right — Wally and I geared up and took a short ride in the heart of the day.

It all started 10 days earlier on a beautiful 50-plus degree Sunday in December. We, like most local riders, felt more than an urge to ride … it was an obligation, a duty to enjoy the nearly perfect, nearly winter day. About 10 minutes into the ride, I suggested that we listen to Christmas music since it was such a rare opportunity to do so. Next thing I knew, we were pulling over and switching genres to “Holiday.” That ride was so much fun; it actually felt like Christmas for the first time all year. (Look for more on that lunch destination in a future post.) So, we decided to try it again if the weather cooperated. Continue reading