Pizza 150 — July 22, 2018

Our major summer project — replacing more than 200 feet of fence — was finally finished, and it was time for some wind. Craving a Bloody Mary, I was thrilled to discover a new, extensive option for a custom drink: Pizza 150 in Kickapoo.

Pizza 150

Pizza 150, aptly named for its location along Highway 150 in Kickapoo, Ill.

The combination of an overcast sky and cooler July temperatures resulted in near-ideal riding conditions. Soon enough, we were grabbing a couple seats at the bar.

My first order of business was ordering a Bloody. I examined the list of available ingredients — spices, fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses — building a concoction with Tito’s vodka, horseradish, carrot stick, celery, dill pickle, cheddar cheese cubes and salami. Talk about hitting the spot! The base mix was flavorful, the veggies crisp and refreshing, the cheese a creamy break from the hint of spice and the salami … oh, the salami! What a fantastic addition to my drinking repertoire.

Bloody Mary

The amazing Bloody Mary that resulted from the choices I selected on my order form.

The food menu included standard sandwiches, such as a burger and tenderloin, as well as a variety of dogs, soups and sides. It all sounded great, but we were there for pizza and wings. The place is called Pizza 150.

Menu Page 1

The first page of the menu at Pizza 150 includes pizza, appetizers, soups and sides.


Menu Page 2

Page 2 of the menu at Pizza 150 contains all their many burger and sandwich options, among other items.


Menu Page 3

The third page of Pizza 150’s menu highlights their daily specials and available flavors of Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream.

To maximize the visit, we split a large basket of wings in two flavors. Half were dry rub and half BBQ. Our large order included 12 wings (a small has six) that actually were of a normal size, juicy and flavorful.

The dry rub didn’t have too much heat to it but had an amazing depth of flavor. You could pick up a bit of char from the cooked spices, just enough for a lovely, light smoke taste.

Hot Wings

We tried two varieties of wings at Pizza 150 — dry rub and barbecue — and both were excellent.

The BBQ was tangy with a slight sweetness. Not enough to overpower but still enough to leave my fingers lip-smackingly sticky.

The pizzas come in two sizes — 12 and 16 inch — and start with only cheese. From there, pick your favorite toppings. To make a fair comparison, we ordered our traditional combination: sausage, mushroom and onion.

When our pizza arrived, I was surprised by how much it looked like an Agatucci’s. See, we really love Aggie’s. We even had our rehearsal dinner there. So when the pizza arrived cut in the Aggie’s way and paired with a bottle of what resembled Tiger Sauce, I couldn’t help but ponder some sort of hidden connection.


The pizza at Pizza 150 did not disappoint, especially with our love of thin crust.

The crust was crispy and held up well under the plentiful toppings. The veggies were finely diced and the sausage crumbly. I tried a couple bites with their “Tiger Sauce” and wasn’t disappointed. Definitely not the original but still darn good.

Before I knew it, the pizza pan was empty and we were heading out the door. I was more than ready to catch some more wind.

Classic PBR Sign

I couldn’t resist the chance to grab a pic of the bike under this classic PBR sign.


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