McMahon’s Pints and Plates — December 3, 2017

Whenever the Midwestern winter holds off long enough for a ride in December, we just gotta take advantage of the opportunity.

On this particular Sunday, the BikerSpot Magazine was hosting Funday at McMahon’s Pints and Plates in Sunnyland. Knowing the ride could be my last wind therapy session for a while, I layered up to make it easier to embrace the slight chill in the air and better enjoy the adventure.

McMahon’s menu is different than I expected – a unique combination of sports bar and fine dining. Like most bars, they offer old favorites like Chicken Tenders, Jalapeno Poppers, French Fries, Burgers and Sandwiches; however, they also have higher-end fare such as Bacon Wrapped Dates, Seared Ahi Tuna, Lobster Mac and Cheese, and Seared Salmon Salad. Intrigued by the menu’s split personality, we decided to share several smaller plates for more variety.

McMahon’s Menu

The menu at McMahon’s Pints and Plates in Sunnyland, Ill., has some pleasantly surprising options.

We ordered our Wings with half in Cajun dry rub and half in Honey Bourbon sauce. The dry-rubbed were coated with just the right amount of spice, and the Honey Bourbon were sweet and smoky and really sticky. To be honest, the barbecue-ish sauce was one of the better I’ve had recently.

Wanting to change up my usual mushroom order, we skipped the fried and went for McMahon’s other version, which is sautéed with roasted garlic and topped with Parmesan. I loved that the ’shrooms weren’t cooked until super soft; instead, they were somewhat firm, like in Chinese food. Then, there was the sauce. That amazing sauce was so flavorful and had what I’m guessing was a beef stock foundation. The result was a hearty dipping jus that paired well with the accompanying garlic toast slices.

Lunch at McMahon’s

Our lunch at McMahon’s included Sautéed Mushrooms with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan; a half pound of Wings, half Cajun dry-rubbed and half Honey Bourbon; and The Wedge salad.

In the last year or so, I’ve become quite a fan of wedge salads, so when I saw they had one, I was in. According to the menu, The Wedge is “iceberg lettuce dressed with blue cheese crumbles, fresh tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, red onions and ranch dressing.” When my plate arrived with TWO HUGE wedges on it, I happily shared the extra.

I immediately noted the fresh crunch of the lettuce and the range of tastes and textures from the veggies and other yummy toppings. The dressing, though maybe a tad thin for a regular salad, was ideal for The Wedge. It permeated down through the layers of iceberg, ensuring there was a bit in every bite. The Wedge definitely is worth trying for yourself, even if you normally don’t like salads.

Thoroughly satisfied with our lunch, I was pleased to discover that McMahon’s also serves breakfast every day. Brunch anyone?

Note: McMahon’s Pints and Plates is located at 80 Washington Plaza in Washington, Ill., and opens daily at 6 a.m.

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