Crank’s Bar and Grill — September 24, 2017

Since its inception, my blog has encouraged readers to send me their ride suggestions, to no avail. So when “Greg” recently commented with a recommendation for Crank’s Bar and Grill in Minonk, I was ready to roll — especially after he mentioned fried deviled eggs!

Illinois River

A serene scene along River Beach Drive on the Illinois River.

Crank’s layout is unique. Prior to entering, you choose to go either right where you find yourself in a restaurant that resembles your typical small town diner or left and walk into a large bar/entertainment area with a stage (where we sat). Between the rooms is a smaller traditional bar area, where it seems most drinks are made.

Crank’s Menu Outside

The outside of Crank’s menu, including appetizers, drinks, and sandwiches.

The menu is extensive with a variety of appetizers, an array of burgers and sandwiches, and an intriguing selection of sliders. I already knew we just had to order the eggs, as I’d been wanting to try the dish since I first heard about it a year ago.

Crank’s Menu Inside

The inside of Crank’s menu, including more sandwiches, sliders, and the kids menu.

Talk about interesting! The hard-boiled eggs were halved and yolks removed. The whites were coated and fried then filled with a creamy deviled yolk mixture. The combination reminded me a lot of warm German potato salad. We both enjoyed them but agreed we needed more people to share the generous order.

Fried Deviled Eggs

Fried Deviled Eggs are a unique appetizer at Crank’s Bar and Grill in Minonk, Ill.

For lunch, I tried The Primanti sandwich, featuring thinly sliced prime rib, coleslaw and diced tomatoes atop grilled Italian bread with a side of French fries. Tasty morsels! The beef was flavorful, juicy and tender, so much better than the frozen prime rib you usually find. If the meat had been frozen, they sure fooled me! Paired with the creamy, crunchy coleslaw and fresh tomato, the sandwich had a fantastically light yet tangy quality. And, well, if you read my articles with any regularity, you already know my deep love for crinkle cut fries, so you know how thrilled I was to see them on my plate.

Lunch at Crank’s

Our lunch at Crank’s Bar included the The Primanti sandwich with French fries for me and the A1 Slider with fries for him.

He decided to go with a slider — the A1 Slider, to be exact. The fresh-never-frozen patties were topped with French onions and American cheese, and sat upon grilled Hawaiian sweet rolls, also with a side of fries. Two bites in, he confirmed the menu’s claim: “Now, that’s good. It’s a fresh, hand-packed burger, and you can tell!” He wasn’t kidding. Snagging my obligatory taste-test, I momentarily questioned my lunch choice, but only momentarily.

The Primanti at Crank’s

The Primanti at Crank’s Bar in Minonk, Ill., is a tasty, tasty sandwich.

I ate every last bit of my Primanti without thinking twice. Well, other than wanting more when it was gone. Overall, our Crank’s experience was top notch, so thank you, Greg, for the recommendation and, everyone, keep the suggestions coming!


Harvest in Central Illinois.

Illinois River Valley

First glimpse of the Illinois River Valley heading south on Highway 26.

Illinois River

Looking upstream on the McClugage Bridge over the Illinois River.

River Boat

A little late season boating on the Illinois River.

Note: Crank’s Bar and Grill — located at 102 S. Chestnut Street in Minonk, Ill. — opens daily at 5 a.m. and offers a Sunday buffet from 8 to 11 a.m.

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