Burnzee’s Bar & Grill — May 21, 2017

We hadn’t been to Burnzee’s Bar & Grill in Brimfield since the kitchen was updated, so when I saw it was the week’s Sunday Funday location, our Ride to Eat plans were made.

The day was overcast with a chilly breeze but not bad enough to deter us. I rolled my head back as we glided down the road surrounded by big, open countryside. God, I love being on the bike!

The miles just melted by, and when we arrived, it was still quite a while until Sunday Funday would start, leaving plenty of time to eat before the place got busy.

The menu looked great! There’s a variety of familiar bar appetizers like Mozzarella Cheese Stix and Fried Pickles, as well as a few salads and multiple burger setups, including Frisco Melt and Pizza Burger. I also appreciate the extensive “Things That Cluck” and “Potluck” sections, containing a range of chicken and sandwiches options (think Ham & Cheese, Philly Wrap and Hot Dog).

Burnzee’s Menu

The menu at Burnzee’s Bar & Grill in Brimfield, Ill.


Burnzee’s Menu 2

The rest of the menu at Burnzee’s Bar & Grill in Brimfield.

Sucked in by my affinity for fried vegetables, I couldn’t resist starting with Breaded Cauliflower. We both then found our lunch under the “Things That Swim” section: Shrimp Tacos. Wanting to try one more thing while we were there, we also ordered some Bone-In Wings with Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce.

The cauliflower was hot and crisp with a soft, steamy center. I suggest letting them sit just a minute before digging in to avoid burning your mouth. (Of course, I didn’t wait. Hence, the warning to you.)

Snackin at Burnzee's

Noshing on some breaded cauliflower, I thumbed through the latest issue of BikerSpot magazine at Burnzee’s in Brimfield.

I had just enough time to peruse the latest issue of BikerSpot before our food came. Oh. Yeah. Two lightly grilled tortillas were piled high with lettuce, tomato, onion and shredded cheese over a base of large shrimp, breaded and quick fried until perfectly tender — not overcooked or rubbery at all. Topped with a small dollop of salsa, mine disappeared in no time.

But, I didn’t get so distracted by the tacos to forget the wings. The outside was golden brown, crunchy deliciousness enveloped in a sauce with the perfect balance of sweet to tame the little tinge of heat left on your lips. The meat itself was right at temperature, still moist and flavorful. Just remember, that while tasty, the sauce is rather sticky and may require more than a napkin to completely wipe off your fingers.

Lunch at Burnzee’s

Our lunch at Burnzee’s included Shrimp Tacos and Bone-in Wings with Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce.

Once we’d paid our tab, we headed out back to the beer garden to watch a bit of Phanie Rae and the Soul Shakers’ set before we had to hit the road for home.

Note: Burnzee’s — located at 413 E. Knoxville St. in Brimfield, Ill. — opens at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. on Sunday.

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