Ludy’s Kickapoo Creek Saloon — February 6, 2017

We saw it coming a week away — 50-plus degree weather in early February! It was just too good to pass up, so I took a mental health day from work and anticipated the ride.

Of course, when the day finally came, it was breezier than the forecast had promised, which meant it was much cooler, too. Unwilling to give up my much-needed wind therapy session but knowing I’d hate being out in the cold, we decided to keep our plans but stay closer to home. The only logical destination was just outside Peoria: Ludy’s Kickapoo Creek Saloon.

The ride was just enough to clear my mind and raise my appetite. Practically leaping off the bike, I made for the nearest barstool. I scanned the menu as soon as we sat down. Everything looked so tempting — appetizers like Texas Toothpicks, Cheese Stix, Breaded Cauliflower and Poppers; sandwiches from Pork Chop and Tenderloin to Chicken Strips and Bratwurst; plus salads, soup and Butch’s Pizza. We both quickly decided on Cheeseburgers, with French Fries for me and Onion Rings for him.

Ludy's Menu

The menu at Ludy’s Kickapoo Creek Saloon in Edwards, Ill.

After placing our order, a certain local publication caught my eye. Having not seen that particular issue of BikerSpot yet, I snagged a copy to read at home. Sipping my drink waiting for lunch, my gaze wandered out the window, settling on the spot where we normally sit outside. Ludy’s has plenty of outdoor seating — both on the porch and in the yard — perfect for warm days. But this was not a warm day, and it was starting to cloud up. Summer just can’t come fast enough!

About then, our meals arrived, and he couldn’t wait for a bite! The burgers were juicy and topped with the standard fresh veggies. I didn’t realize how much I had been craving beef until getting that first taste. Not too thick or greasy with the perfect layer of cheese — it was everything I wanted. He agreed, finishing his in a flash.

Lunch at Ludy's

Our lunch at Ludy’s Kickapoo Creek Saloon consisted of Cheeseburgers, one with French Fries and the other with Onion Rings.

My fries were crisp and hot. I really liked their thicker cut that let the potato taste come through. His rings were on the smaller side, which was no disappointment. They too were crisp, and the onion had a hint of sweetness from their starting to slightly caramelize in the frying process. Both sides were definitely tasty.

Thoroughly stuffed and the bill paid, we headed for the door. As we stepped out, I immediately noticed the chilly air around me. The temperature was dropping, so it was time to get home and enjoy the rest of our day — indoors.

Note: Ludy’s Kickapoo Creek Saloon is located at 9828 Route 150, Edwards, and opens at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday.

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