Ross’ Roadhouse — March 19, 2017

While chatting with BikerBob one evening, I mentioned how many potential Ride to Eat destinations don’t serve food on Sundays — the one day a week the husband and I can ride together. Nodding his head in agreement, he casually noted, “Except on Sunday Fundays.” And just like that, I had my lightbulb moment!

To be honest, I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t previously realized that the magazine actually was the answer to my magazine problem. Coincidentally, the next day was the first Sunday Funday of the riding season, so we made plans to check out Ross’ Roadhouse after our weekly chores were done.

Stop Light Selfie

Grabbed a quick selfie at a stop light for my Instagram account.

That morning brought decent weather, but the wind kept enough chill in the air that I really wasn’t disappointed we weren’t heading any further than Ross’. Even so, the ride was a welcome respite from the late winter doldrums. I needed some fresh air, some sunshine (what little there was) and some two-up time on the Vic with my man.

Ross’ is much more spacious than you’d think when driving by. I especially loved the large square bar — complete with stripper polls — that offered a plethora of seating options. We grabbed a couple stools with a view of the NCAA tournament on the TVs above us as well as a peek across the room to the stage where Backstabbin’ Betty was set to play.

The menu was more extensive than I expected but not so large that I took forever to find something to eat. Although tempted by the Jumbo Pretzel and Funnel Cake Fries (yes, FUNNEL CAKE FRIES!), I was craving a burger, so I ordered the Mushroom and Swiss with Fries and he the Hootie Burger with Chips.

Ross' Roadhouse Menu

The menu at Ross’ Roadhouse in Peoria, Ill., has a little something for everyone.

Both burgers were served on a hearty bun with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickle on the side. Mine was cooked just the way I like, and the cooks didn’t skimp on the shrooms. As I ate, the neat little layer of mushroom happiness created fabulous bursts of earthy flavor that melted into the creaminess of the Swiss. Paired with my crispy Fries, the sandwich thoroughly satisfied, and I started thinking about a nap. Wally was just as pleased with his meal.

Lunch at Ross' Roadhouse

Our lunch at Ross’ Roadhouse: a Mushroom & Swiss Burger with Fries and the Hootie Burger with Chips.

Grinning, he described the Hootie Burger — with three cheeses and grilled onions — as “messy as hell, but it’s tasty.” He went on to say that the cheese blend gave it a great flavor, something more substantial than just a typical slice of American.

Done eating, we had one more drink then said our goodbyes before making the short trip home, but we’ll definitely be back!

Note: Ross’ Roadhouse is located at 3201 NE Adams Street in Peoria and starts serving lunch daily at 11 a.m.

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