Hungry Moose — September 25, 2016

After last month’s breakfast Ride to Eat, I was inspired to try another place I’d heard about: the Hungry Moose.

Although it isn’t a very long ride from our house, I didn’t realize just how far out on Farmington Road the Moose really is. In fact, I didn’t realize we’d have to cross railroad tracks to get there, and of course, we had to wait for a train.

Farmington Road

Waiting for a train on Farmington Road.

Finally parked and seated at a table, I looked around and took in the atmosphere. The place wasn’t packed, but people were scattered throughout the dining room, and there was an endless stream of customers coming and going the entire time we were there.

The breakfast menu — available all day — offered typical morning fare, like eggs, bacon and sausage, omelets, sandwiches and skillets. Personally, I was craving the sweetness of a pancake and decided it was only right to try the biscuits and gravy since I had them at the last breakfast place we visited.

As soon as our food arrived, I was glad I only ordered one pancake because it was massive, filling the entire plate. Adding syrup without overflow was a bit difficult, so I opted to pour a bit on little sections as I ate them. Perfectly golden brown and super light, it was an excellent breakfast dessert.

Me and My Breakfast

Now, this is a breakfast to smile about!

While I enjoyed the pancake, I have to admit the B&G was AMAZING! The homemade gravy was thick, well-seasoned and packed with sausage, and blanketed a fresh biscuit that left me wishing I had ordered the full, not half, portion. Do yourself a favor, ALWAYS order the full portion!

His meal — the Ultimate — lived up to its name. All three eggs were cooked exactly to his liking (over easy), and the patty sausage, well, it’s a favorite. I could have singlehandedly eaten all the hash browns (I do love me some carbs), but he “suggested” I focus on my own food. He ate a couple bites of toast but not too much in favor of the rest of his meal.

Breakfast at Hungry Moose

A close-up look at our breakfast at the Hungry Moose. I highly recommend the B&G!

Noting the menu has an extensive list of burgers, sandwiches and sides, I mentioned that we should come back for lunch sometime. But then he pointed out the “Build Your Own Grilled Cheese” options, and I not only decided but declared that we must return … and soon!

For the time being, my belly was full and there was a glorious day beckoning us back out to the road. As we drove away, I looked back at the iconic sign and began considering what I’d want on my custom grilled cheese.

It had turned into a rather warm day, and we weren’t quite ready to go home. That’s when I remembered the Peoria Fine Art Fair was happening down on the riverfront, so we pointed the bike south and made our way to Water Street. We spent about an hour checking out all the great works of art and taking in the scene. By then, it was really warm out, and we were ready to trade our boots and jeans for shorts and flip flops on the patio.

As we merged onto the interstate to make our way around town to home, I actually was happy to be on it. Normally, I prefer slower two-lane speeds, but with how warm we both were from walking around the Art Fair, the wind was a welcome respite from the heat. Before we knew it, we were back in the driveway and ready to shed some layers.

Note: The Hungry Moose is located at 4808 W. Farmington Road in Peoria, Ill., and opens daily at 6 a.m.

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