Goin’ to the ‘Sky’s — April 4, 2016

On warm summer mornings, we often ride early to enjoy some quality wind time before returning home to take care of all that pesky work that comes with a big yard. Those days, our Ride to Eat destination is always the same: Brasky’s Bar & Grill.


Conveniently located just north of Route 6 on Knoxville Avenue in Peoria, Brasky’s is a casual bar with good food and a great staff. And it’s our neighborhood place, which is why we frequent it on Sundays for a quick lunch between parking the bike and tackling the yard. Well, that and fantastic Sunday specials!

Sunday Specials Menu

Brasky’s Sunday “Football” Specials.

Don’t let the “Sunday Football Specials” menu fool you; you can enjoy them all year round. We usually start with a bucket of beer and the free bone-in wings that come with it (half in hot sauce for him, the other in barbecue for me). On this visit as with all others, the wings were crispy on the outside with a thorough but not overdone coating of sauce, while inside the meat was tender and juicy. The barbecue sauce was sweet but not too sweet, but still sweet enough to leave me with sticky fingers — lip smackin’ good.

The regular menu contains traditional appetizers like rings, skins and nachos, as well as soups including homemade white borscht, chili and rotating daily options (potato leek, chicken gumbo, broccoli, etc.). Brasky’s also offers an array of salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps (any sandwich can be made as a wrap) and full dinners such as catfish, ribs and fish tacos.

Wally ordered the grilled Buffalo chicken salad. Having just discovered the option of adding mushrooms to any burger ($0.75 up charge), I went with the Sunday special $2 burger (smaller than their normal patty but plenty for me) with mushrooms and Swiss cheese (also a $0.75 up charge), plus a side of waffle fries.

Although I snagged a few croutons, I didn’t try Wally’s salad since I’m not much of a Buffalo chicken fan. However, I’ve had Brasky’s salads before and know they’re more than just iceberg. They use Romaine, shredded cheese and other toppings, like green onion and craisins. The accompanying Texas toast is hearty with a buttery crunch.


Our lunch: a grilled buffalo chicken salad, bone-in chicken wings (hot and barbecue), mushroom and Swiss burger, and a side of waffle fries.

I requested onion on my mushroom and Swiss burger (choice also of lettuce, tomato and pickle) and added just a touch of ranch to the bun. The waffle fries were salty and crisp, a pleasing contrast to the burger’s softer toppings.

Although tempted to order an adult root beer float, we skipped dessert and asked for the check — the yard was calling.

Brasky's Drink Specials

Brasky’s offers great drink specials all week long!

Brasky’s is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily. They have live music on weekends and karaoke the first Friday of each month. Why not check them out next time you’re riding out that way?

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