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Fun, Food & Firewater — March 15, 2015

Indian Valley Inn Sign

Who wouldn’t be curious after seeing this sign?

It was finally time … time for our first ride of the season! After seeing the sunshiny forecast earlier in the week, I had been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to get some wind. The forecast actually was right (and the ice had finally melted off the driveway), so we geared up and hit the road.

Our initial thought was to check out this little diner-like setup we noticed on a previous ride through Henry. Of course, we forgot to check its hours before leaving the house, but it was all good. We figured we’d eat lunch there if that was an option; if not, we could at least check it out a bit and then look for food elsewhere.

Like we normally do when we head north out of town, we worked our way along a series of wonderfully low-traffic county roads toward Henry. Smiling widely as I took in the deep blueness of the sky, I suddenly noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Continue reading