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Dickson Mounds Dining Adventure — July 27, 2014

After talking about it for several weeks, we finally had the perfect day to venture down to the Dickson Mounds Museum outside Lewistown. Of course, we wanted to take a long, and somewhat out of the way, route there. And, since our big trip around Lake Michigan was coming up soon, a whole day on the bike would be the perfect practice — or test.

We headed out of town on IL 8 West, continuing on the road after it merges with IL 78 South at Elmwood. It being rather early on a Sunday morning when we left the house, traffic was non-existent and the weather was warm but not yet hot. Driving through the various small towns along the route once again reminded me of home and the drives I’d take with my dad. It’s no wonder I feel closer to him on the bike than any other time.

Thoroughly wrapped up in the joy of the ride, we made our way through Farmington to Canton where we headed west on County Road 5 to Cuba, which is lined with a network of ponds. My head pivoted from side to side, watching for wildlife and soaking in the scene. Thinking back now, I realize I must’ve looked like a lawn sprinkler with my rhythmic head movements and wonder if I was subconsciously keeping time with the music. Continue reading