Christmas Day 2014

Well, the holidays are in the home stretch, and it’s been a great time so far! Christmas Day was especially memorable this year as the lack of snow and relatively decent temperature made it possible to get some wind. That’s right — Wally and I geared up and took a short ride in the heart of the day.

It all started 10 days earlier on a beautiful 50-plus degree Sunday in December. We, like most local riders, felt more than an urge to ride … it was an obligation, a duty to enjoy the nearly perfect, nearly winter day. About 10 minutes into the ride, I suggested that we listen to Christmas music since it was such a rare opportunity to do so. Next thing I knew, we were pulling over and switching genres to “Holiday.” That ride was so much fun; it actually felt like Christmas for the first time all year. (Look for more on that lunch destination in a future post.) So, we decided to try it again if the weather cooperated.

Our Christmas Day ride was short since it was rather breezy, but it was still perfect. We took Knoxville Avenue south to Prospect Road, which we followed all the way through the Heights. Of course, all the boutiques and restaurants were quiet, but the village’s abundant decorations made for a festive thoroughfare. Add in the traditional holiday music emanating from our Victory’s speakers, and you get one holly jolly good time.

After making a left on US 150, we exited after a couple miles on US 29 North, which we immediately turned left off and onto Grandview Drive. Winding our way up the corkscrew climb, we wondered if there would be many people out on such a nice afternoon. Our question was soon answered as we crested the main hill and saw the walkers, bicyclers and revelers. People were everywhere along the Drive, enjoying the chance for some fresh December air. We stopped at one particularly open spot with one of our favorite views to film a Christmas greeting before reconnecting with Prospect and heading home for the last few hours of our day snuggled beside the fire … or, more accurately, by the TV watching Yule Log on demand. (Personally, I preferred the Hallmark Movie Channel’s version with a cat laying in front of the fire, too.)

No matter how you spent the day, I hope it was full of joy, peace and love. Until next year…

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