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Midway Duck Inn — May 31, 2014

The weekend after our Galena adventure, we wanted to ride but didn’t require anything too long as we needed to get some work done around the house and yard. Wally suggested we try a place for dinner that we had driven by a lot last summer and he remembers stopping at once when he was a kid — the Midway Duck in on IL 26 between Lacon and Spring Bay.

To make the ride interesting, we thought we’d weave our way north through the countryside toward Lacon. Starting on IL 40, we shortly turned west onto Truitt Road, which cuts across to Chillicothe; however, we only stayed on it for a few miles, until we hit N Krause Road, which connects to the historic Galena Trail and Coach Road route.

Now, we’d taken the Galena Trail and Coach Road (officially Blue Ridge Road/Co Hwy 16) a few times, so we were a bit more familiar with it than most back county roads. You wind your way up and down hills and around curves through wonderfully serene country views you can’t believe are right outside Peoria. Eventually, you find Blue Ridge, which is a tiny town with a few houses and a church. Just past that is the first stop on our tour — the stump carver right before the turn onto La Prairie Road. Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Fixin’ to Get Ready

When pondering our many options for Memorial Day weekend, we settled on a quick trip to Galena, Ill., for two reasons. First, we wanted to check the town out when it is warm outside. See, we took a wonderful pre-Christmas vacation up there, and it was 5 degrees or less the entire time. Oh, and it snowed something like 8 or 10 inches on the first night of our holiday excursion. Now, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t beautiful because I’m here to tell you that Galena knows how to do Christmas, especially with a fresh blanket of snow. Heck, even Santa stopped by our favorite Bloody Mary/Mimosa bar for photos. However, we still wanted to know what it was like when it was actually warm outside.

The second purpose of the trip was a “dry run” of sorts to determine how well we handle multiple days in a row of riding. In the year we’ve been riding, we have loved it and only had one hard ride and that was a one-day return from a long weekend in Indianapolis. Since I begged him to leave me in Bloomington and come back with the car, Wally wanted to make sure the new bike, the Victory, provided a better ride for me (and him) since we are planning a week trip around Lake Michigan this summer. Well, I’m here to say the Victory made all the difference. I was a bit sore, but that went away every time we stopped to stretch.
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